We emphasize on robust operation regarding investment management, strictly control links including project selection, investment structure, after-investment management, withdrawn channel on a professional basis to guarantee the safety margin.

Meanwhile, with focusing on safety of single investment as the precondition, we also pay attention to allocation of largest category of assets and provide investors with more prudent overall asset allocation schemes.

We are committed to professional investment management service. With virtue of rich investment management expertise and solid expertise of the core team, We ensure the most professional investment management process.

With the investment management team of JUN Capital as the core, we select the most professional partners in different circles to provide investors with professional investment advice and management service.

We aim to offer diversified asset management service, and form tailor-made asset solutions in accordance with risks, earnings and liquidity preferences of different investors.

We are committed to provide long-term in-depth service, and maximize earnings for our investors using cross-industry & trans-circle asset management.

Being Professional

Being robust


Relying on our own private equity managers platform, we manage such three main types of fund products including industry fund, buyout fund of listed companies, and investment fund of listed companies; meanwhile, we manage multiple fund and trust products indirectly through consulting, FOF, etc., thus providing investors with comprehensive and multiple asset management service.

Manufacture and consumption upgrade

Healthcare enterprises

Cultural and sports education