Zhijun Capital invests in Amy Biotech
Recently, Zhijun Capital made an equity investment in Aimei Bio. Aimei Bio focuses on the research and development, production, promotion and distribution of vaccines and biological products. Now it has 3 drug production licenses, 2 drug business licenses, 9 drug registration approvals, 7 GMP certificates, and 2 GSP certificates. The main vaccine products include recombinant hepatitis B vaccine, influenza virus split vaccine, human rabies vaccine and inactivated hepatitis A vaccine.
PR Newswire reports that Anpaike Biotech achieves 100 cases
Recently, PR Newswire reported on the recent development of Anpaike. The CDA technology of Anpaike was found in more than 100 people who were previously considered "cancer-free" by other traditional standard care screening tests. Signals of early cancer and precancerous disease. Since its establishment, Anpaike has launched a screening of the general population, aiming to find people who are at potential cancer risk. Among them, 100 people who are considered "cancer-free" in traditional "standard care" screening tests (such as imaging or annual physical examination) are considered to have a higher risk of cancer or precancerous symptoms in CDA screening. In view of the results of this CDA examination, these people underwent a more comprehensive medical examination and were indeed diagnosed with early disease.